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We’re here to help financial fraud investigators like yourself get the data you need efficiently and accurately.


Who We Serve


Federal and Local Government


State Government and Law Enforcement


Forensic Accountants, Attorneys and Private Investigators


Financial Institutions, Banks and Insurance Companies


Corporations and Small Businesses

Case Studies

State Regulatory Agency

In May 2023, a state government agency was investigating suspected fraud involving 9 business entities. The investigation required the review and analysis of 25 different bank accounts with more than 11,000 transactions over a 2.5-year period. The work needed to be completed within 5 days of receipt of the statements. Within 48 hours, eFraud Services was able to convert 2,000 pages of bank statements into Excel spreadsheets with 100% accuracy. The next two days were spent generating reports for analysis including visualizations of the flow of funds between entities and groups of entities. This analysis helped the investigators focus on the entities that were involved with the illicit funds transfers. The data, reports and findings were turned over to the Attorney General’s office for final review and filing in court. From the client: “The Asst. Attorney General was happy with all the information we were able to put together:)” Contact: (239) 842-8224

Investment Fraud

NEW YORK – New York Attorney General Letitia James today announced a 20-count criminal indictment charging Aaron D. Fischman — former CEO of the now defunct company Cardis Enterprises International (USA), Inc. (Cardis) — with operating a multi-million dollar securities fraud scheme that defrauded over $22 million from investors across the country and around the world. Pursuant to a money judgment against Mr. Fischman, the banking records of his attorney Lawrence Katz were successfully procured by subpoenas. Now, as a result of the subpoena process, it has been learned through a forensic analysis that over $31 million intended as direct investment into Cardis was diverted. It is believed that Mr. Fischman raised over $60,000,000, including money from offshore investors. eFraud Services performed the analysis of 39 bank accounts that were used to perpetrate this fraud. The attorneys said “eFraud was able to accomplish in 2.5 months what they could not accomplish in 2 years.”

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