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Detecting Fraud with Bank Statements

Financial fraud investigators, who specialize in Ponzi Schemes, Money Laundering and White Collar Crimes, need to analyze many years of bank statements from multiple banks. Today, many of you still do this manually and it can take weeks to do this analysis. There are many tools on the market that claim to speed up this process. If any hit the mark, they are too expensive for all but large companies and large government agencies.

eFraud Services aims to be the provider of choice for any size entity that needs to analyze bank statements quickly, accurately, and affordably. Using specialized OCR technology and analysis tools, eFraud Services offers a solution and processes that can be used by forensic professionals across many industries including accounting, legal, law enforcement and government agencies at all levels.

eFraud Services offers professional, secure, and confidential services, along with rapid turn-around based on the number of bank statement pages.

Barbara Steinberg

(239) 842-8224

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